Three Goals of Next Generations Sensors

  1. Reduce Human Involvement
    Human involvement in data observation and collection is problematic from several perspectives, including resource availability, time-lag, skill level, and objectivity and standardization. Next generation ag sensors must strive to operate with little or no direct human involvement in data observation and collection and minimal involvement in analysis and action. A user’s input represents a technology’s shortcomings.
  2. Decrease Lag Time
    Currently, we often must put up with significant lag from data observation and collection to when it is analyzed and therefore actionable. Taking measurements and not having the analysis available until the next day or the next week is not acceptable. The goal of the next generation of sensors is to be able to carry out observations, data collection, and analysis in real-time.
  3. Expand Direct Measurements
    Next generation sensors must move to make direct measurements of substances and compounds where no means exists today.
Photo courtesy of S4 Mobile Laboratories

We need better answers for many of the issues that agriculture faces. Sensor creators have the essentials of many of those answers. AgSensor Solutions will be working to bring them to market.

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