Case Study #1 – System Architecture and Custom Electronics – Smart Polymers

Advances in smart polymer technology have resulted in sensors that can be trained to detect specific ions of interest for the agronomy, water quality, and food processing industries. Our client acquired smart polymer sensor technology that was developed at a state university with the aim of developing solutions for multiple industries. Our team developed the system architecture, custom electronics, software, and industrial design for a standard product and then transitioned it into manufacturing. The client benefited by allowing us to manage the multiple technical disciplines required for the product design which freed up their team to work at their best use - refining the technology and recruiting customers.

Case Study #2 – Market Insights in Acquisition Analysis

A PNW-based $300M Food/Ag Private Equity fund was seeking to make a growth investment into an international avocado oil company. Members of the AgSensor Solutions team delivered a comprehensive market research report, including a detailed study of the avocado oil market size and potential, input supply chain, oil production process, competitive landscape, and secondary byproducts. As a third-party organization, we protected the anonymity of the client while gathering valuable market insight and competitive analysis.

Case Study #3 – Technology Licensing - Animal Vital Sign Monitors

Monitoring the post-operative vital signs of animals requires human involvement since it is often not possible to use traditional patient monitors. Members of AgSensor Solutions were approached by a startup company which licensed technology from a university to non-invasively monitor an animal’s respiration and heart rate. We worked with the client to understand the market need and transform their proof-of-concept system into a design that could be manufactured at scale. This startup company was able to leverage our engineering team, business system, and partner network to quickly move from the pre-revenue stage to building a base of customers. This transformation dramatically increased the valuation of the startup company.

Case Study #4 - Target Acquisition Diligence – Ag Biologicals

A $100M Brazilian Private Equity firm was seeking to consolidate new and differentiated agricultural biological technologies and products from the US for commercialization in Brazil. Our team and partners evaluated nearly 50 agricultural technology companies from across the US, selecting 15 biostimulant, biopesticide, and bionutrition product development and go-to-market companies as possible acquisition candidates. We interviewed C-level executives, industry experts, and sales reps to build company profiles encompassing revenue, commercialized products, employee footprint, and pipeline opportunities.

Case Study #5 – Wheat Supply Chain Analysis – Traceability Technology and Diligence

One of the largest fertilizer manufacturers in the Middle East recently spun-off an agtech development and venture arm with the strategy of acquiring agtech software companies providing solutions for increased traceability within the supply chain. We delivered a product which provided an insider-overview of the US supply chain (wheat as a proxy) as well as an analysis of the challenges experienced by key stakeholders along the chain and the identification of innovative technological solutions to critical problem sets. Our deliverables helped shape the strategic direction of their venture firm.

Case Study #6 Fruit and Vegetable Market Access – Crop Protection

A multi-national crop protection company wanted to assess market opportunities for fruits and vegetables in the southeast United States and Mexico. Our team delivered an overview of crops grown in both those geographies and narrowed potential options to five in each region. From there, we developed a historical model of hectares planted and harvested, production (volume and $), and yield trends. Additional analysis included business environment and regulatory issues, current grower and distribution practices, and emerging/intractable pathogen issues. The final report also included a comprehensive review of competitive offerings, including pricing and usage data.

Case Study #7 – Capital Raise – Animal Health Delivery Platform

A member of our firm was chosen as the lead consultant for an Australian-based animal health company, successfully leading a $5M capital raise. Capital sources ranged from high-net-worth individuals, venture, and institutions, showcasing the breadth and depth of our investor network. The client was a leader in proprietary delivery platforms for livestock to help increase global protein production.

Case Study #8 – Product Re-Development and New Tech Incorporation – Food Processing Control Instruments

A longstanding manufacturer of quality control instruments for the food processing industry engaged members of AgSensor Solutions to reinvent its flagship product to incorporate a new set of features and take advantage of technology improvements. This was a critical step for the manufacturer since there was a large base of installed equipment which was important to maintain the familiar look and feel of the existing instrument while also providing new features. We successfully completed the redesign, performed full qualification, and transitioned the design into manufacturing. Our efforts helped the manufacturer to not only maintain the existing customer base but also to gain market share by offering a truly innovative product refresh.

Case Study #9 – LatAm Market Research – Global Chemical and Seed Treatment

A $20bn global chemical and seed treatment company partnered with members of the AgSensor Solutions team to help them better understand the Latin American market. Our market research product focused on four key areas within corn and soybean: biology, seed-applied technology, and the seed and seed treatment business in Brazil. In addition to providing a market estimation and competitive analysis for each of the product segments within these sub-sectors, our team evaluated the industrial applications (upstream and at the seed company processing plant) for crop types in Brazil and their respective market shares as well as the major application equipment throughout these processes.

Case Study #10 – Market Access – Starter Fertilizer Alternatives

A South American (SA) crop input developer was looking to enter the US market for starter fertilizer alternatives. Our team analyzed and critiqued existing SA trial data. This included validation of trials and assessment of applicability to US crops, soils, and weather conditions. From that, we developed consolidated performance messaging. The final report provided a detailed overview of the overall US market with profiles of specific competitors and their offering. Finally, we assessed and made recommendations regarding potential channel and distribution partners.

Case Study #11 – Market Analysis and Demand Estimation – Non-Profit Ag Research in a Forage Analysis and Plant Transformation.

A nationally-recognized, nonprofit agricultural research organization was seeking strategic guidance around whether demand was sufficient to support an expansion of their service offerings into new areas. Our team delivered a comprehensive study of market size/demand estimation and profiles of leading Contract Research Providers for selected services: analytical chemistry, forage analysis, field trial research, genomic analysis, plant transformation services, and cellular imaging. The product directly influenced the client’s expansion efforts and infrastructure developments.

Case Study #12 – Strategic Partnerships - Animal Health

Members of AgSensor Solutions successfully licensed an animal health technology to a multi-billion-dollar animal health company. The technology went through multiple field tests and manufacturing trials. Our team handled the entire process from licensing and securing manufacturing to post licensing support and finally secondary licensing to a strategic partner who continues to sell the product to date.

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